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Freeware for Windows



Version 2.0 - 11th November 2017

ClipName is Context Menu extension copying the full pathname of the right-clicked file to the clipboard. It's supports copy of multiple filenames either as a space separated list or as a TAB and as a CRLF separated list. DOS filenames (8.3) can now also be copied as well as the URL encoded name and the UNC name for remote files. Clipname supports a Copy command for filenames without including any path, URL Encoding for multiple selections and <WORD> style encoding for Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote,... It also allows to copy the UNC name for local files and folders. ClipName has the capability of copying the target URL for Internet Shortcuts from Windows Explorer and from within the IE Favorites bar.
Version 2.0 gives you a way to define shortcuts for single and multiple file selection action.

OpenOffice ClipName Macro

ClipName macro for OpenOffice Writer

Version 1.0

Fill in a table automatically with a list of filenames generated by Clipname.
Fill in row from a CRLF list or columns from a TAB list.


Version 1.3

AttrMenu is a Windows Explorer Context Menu extension allowing direct access to a file's attributes. Much easier than using the Properties dialog box.


Version 1.5

ExecParm is another Context Menu extension for Windows Explorer. It allows you to run a program with parameters on the command line. Seems useless? Without ExecParm you'll have to go to the Start | Run... menu, remember the path for the executable and then enter the command line parameters. You'll see, ExecParm is much simpler, especially when used in conjunction with Clipname.