PC TimeWatch Testimonials

PCTW is hands-down the best program for controlling internet access as it's so secure, stable, and clean in terms of doing exactly what I want it to do (e.g. not acting as a content filter or hogging system resources). I can add new applications as needed and not worry about compatibility, since it's the program that is being restricted, not the port.
Timothy from Oakland, California

Very simple to use. Teaches children time management. Relieves parents of nagging, children understand their allotted times. As a bonus the school homework (whilst still a trial) gets done on time.
S.C, Surrey, UK

PC TimeWatch has become indispensable to me...
L.B., VictoriaVille, Québec

I am the father of 6 children and I am really happy with this product...
A.N., Acassuso, Argentina

Manages access to the computer

Parental control software that manages access to the computer

You can define a set of rules for every person who uses the computer. You define at what time and for how long a user can access the computer (logon hours), run applications or connect to the Internet. Parents should discuss these rules with their children. Once the rules are accepted by everyone, PC TimeWatch enforces them automatically, thus defusing any conflict between parents and children.

Regulate Without Spying On Your Kids

Businesses also find it useful for preventing employees from using their computers to fool around. Parental control doesn't necessarily mean intruding into the "private space" of your kids. PC TimeWatch is not a spy program and does not log activity - it just controls access. Just answer 4 simple questions and PC TimeWatch takes care of the rest:

  • Who has access to the computer and to its programs?
  • What programs are restricted?
  • When is access permitted?
  • For how long can the restricted resources be used?

What makes PC TimeWatch different from its competitors?

You don't have to manage profiles and separate passwords.
PC TimeWatch really locks programs.
PC TimeWatch is very safe and hard to tamper with.
Its user interface is much, much simpler.
It is much less intrusive than other similar programs, doesn't disturb the normal use of the PC and is therefore more easily accepted by your kids and the restricted users in general.